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Greetings and Welcome!

My name is Bobby Voss, I am a videographer based in the Longview Texas Area.


I have been filming wedding videos since 2017, and have shot various video projects for individuals and also small businesses as well for advertising and marketing.  I got started as a child, and began recording small videos of friends and family, learning and crafting the skill and becoming a visual storyteller. I find joy and in being able to create content that people can connect with, whether for personal or business. I am always remaining a student in the art of video, learning new ways to constantly improve, which allows me to continuously drive my passion for Videography.

I am also a Business Sales Manager for a large corportation and previoiusly held various sales postions, which expands over 10 years of experience. I am  currently finishing my Batchelors of Science in Professional Retail Sales Managment and find that personal growth is very important and investing in yourself is vital to your success! 

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